More Turkey Takeout!

We’re still rounding up some delicious Thanksgiving dinner options for you. Here’s the latest:

Molly Hawks and Michael Fagnoni, owners of Hawks in Granite Bay and Hawks Public House in midtown, really don’t want you to have to cook this Thanksgiving, so they’re offering a multitude of options. You can assemble your own feast from the Granite Bay restaurantthe a la carte menu includes a whole brined Mary’s free-range turkey ready for roasting, along with stuffing, maple roasted yams, creamy golden potato puree, Brussels sprouts with bacon, cranberry sauce, wild mushroom soup, wild rice and mushrooms, gravy and ready-to-pipe-and-bake gougeres. Prices range from $12–$31 for sides and appetizers depending on quantity (pints and quarts), $105–$150 for the turkey depending on size (14–20 pounds). Desserts include pumpkin pie, apple pie and vanilla gelato. The menu at Hawks Public House is a smaller version of its Granite Bay cousin’s, but in addition to turkey and a few sides it includes a ready-to-roast truffled Mary’s chicken ($50) and heat-and-eat slow-roasted short ribs ($75). And if that’s not enough choice for you, Hawks Provisions (the little takeout shop next to Hawks Public House) is offering Thanksgiving staples by the pint, including stuffing, Yukon Gold potato puree, Brussels sprouts with bacon, country gravy, mushroom soup and chicken stock. Really, why would you even dream of cooking? To order, call Hawks in Granite Bay at (916) 791-6200 or Hawks Public House & Provisions at (916) 588-4440.