Kerrie Kelly Design Lab: Chef’s Table

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab: CHEF’S TABLE

While Sacramento may not be on the map for famous fashion weeks and celebrity homes, it is home to some of the best restaurants in all of the country. Being natives, we say with great delight that we’ve tried– and enjoyed– nearly all of them and their local offerings. So when a new gastropub popped up on our block, you know we made a reservation as soon as we could.

Hawk’s was first hatched as a posh, upscale dining room in Granite Bay, CA. Manufactured and manned by a husband + wife team, Hawk’s quickly became the go-to restaurant for Sacramento-famous farm-to-fork dining. With its success and constant influx of new clientele, owner and chef team, Molly Hawks and Michael Fagnoni, decided to expand. And so Hawk’s Provisions + Public House came to be. Perched on a bustling corner in East Sacramento, the gastropub features urban design, fresh and local food offerings, and a beer and wine list that would make even the most knowledgeable libations expert blush. With its cozy and casual atmosphere and artisan eats, Hawk’s Provisions + Public House is sure to become a staple eatery in East Sacramento.

When dining there ourselves, we had the chance to steal away the general manager of the esteemed new dining experience, Esra Oktar, to answer some of our burning questions about interior design, the farm-to-fork style menu, and the conception of Hawk’s Provisions + Public House.

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